Watch Alyssa Joseph play “n i g h t” live at Miner Street

Alyssa Joseph | photo by Perry Longo | via the artist’s Facebook page

For many regional musicians, recording at Fishtown’s Miner Street Recordings is something like a rite of passage. And although her new EP, [ir​]​rational, is Philly singer-songwriter Alyssa Joseph‘s first release, she looks right at home in the bright, cozy studio. Joseph’s soulful and resonant voice fills the entire space as she performs her song “n i g h t”  — its no surprise she counts the likes of Regina Spektor and Brandi Carlile among her influences. Continue reading →


3rd Planet Festival: Remembering Emily Selke

Emily Selke visiting Barcelona | photo courtesy of 3rd Planet Festival
Emily Selke flashes a smile at Park Güell in Barcelona | photo courtesy of 3rd Planet Festival

*Author’s disclaimer: The writer of this article is close friends with one of 3rd Planet Festival’s organizers, but reporting from The Key remains objective, as always.

On the heels of the one year anniversary of 22-year-old Emily Selke’s death, her loved ones are celebrating her joy in a way Emily would have seen fit: through music – a whole day of it. This month’s 3rd Planet Festival at World Cafe Live brings to life the passion Emily so embodied and shared with everyone she met.

The Drexel Music Industry Program grad, whose focus was on festival curation, was aboard Germanwings Flight 9525 with her mother Yvonne Selke and 142 other passengers last March when the aircraft crashed in the French Alps.

“When they had her memorial service finally, it was religious oriented and the minister was saying a whole lot about Yvonne and how she attended church all the time, and was very active in it, but he didn’t mention Emily much at all,” said Ashley Kuhn, a close friend of Emily’s who’s been spearheading efforts for 3rd Planet. “It was healing for people who knew Yvonne, but it didn’t feel fitting for her [Emily’s] life.” Continue reading →