Amanda Blank changes course with new single “Put Me Out”

Amanda Blank | photo by John Vettese for WXPN

In 2009, when Amanda Blank released her brash and wildly fun debut album I Love You, no one would have guessed what kind of music she’d be making ten years later.

Where I Love You is a nightclub hip-hop album full of beats and attitude, her latest release is more like Amy Winehouse’s collaborations with Mark Ronson. The new single, “Put Me Out,” has a strong melody, a hypnotic chorus, hazy guitars, and absolutely no rapping. Blank’s voice is raspy and sweet. Recorded in her teenage bedroom alongside her brother and childhood friends, the song feels nostalgic in the best way. It is far removed from Blank’s earlier work, but is a very welcome left turn.

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Free Download: Amanda Blank and Spank Rock return with “We Can Go All Night”


Copping some lines from Cam’Ron’s “Hey Ma” for the hook, hip hop duo Spank Rock and Amanda Blank get their hands a little dirty in their new track “We Can Go All Night.”  Both Spank (from Baltimore) and Blank (from Germantown) have stayed relatively quiet in recent years and this single marks the first release from either artist since 2011.  With a prominent, ballooning bass line and afro-beat synth / drum machine sounds, the relatively sparse instrumentals match the hushed, “Whisper Song”-esque vocals; the track is just about begging to be remixed.  Stream and download the track below.  Shout out to The Deli for uncovering the download.