The cinematic life of Caffeine Machine’s Quinn Arlington Waters (playing Connie’s Ric Rac on 2/8)

Quinn Arlington Waters was sitting in his car with the window down, smoking a cigarette in Northern Liberties when he unknowingly exchanged the wrong glance with two of the wrong guys walking on the sidewalk.

“I could tell this was no good,” says Waters of the shooting that left him unable to make music for months. “So I put my car in reverse right away and by the time I could get in first gear and skid out…he ran up and blasted me.”

That was around this time last year, shortly after recording wrapped up on the alt-folk album Race Music, Waters’ debut under the moniker Caffeine Machine.

“I called my girlfriend and told her I loved her while we waited for the ambulance,” Waters says. “She didn’t think it was that serious since I was able to call her.”

He was hit in the back of his left shoulder. The bullet exited out his neck below his Adam’s apple also fracturing his collarbone, Waters explains, pointing to the scar of the exit wound.

“I could only feel my thumb in my hand and I was numb all the way up my arm for a while,” he says lifting his left arm straight up while sitting at a table in a somewhat seedy bar in South Philly. “I am just getting full motion back now.”

It was about five months before he could play guitar again, which essentially put Caffeine Machine on hiatus until he self-released Race Music last summer. Continue reading →