The never-ending creative story of Kam DeLa

Kam DeLa | photo by Myles Cream | courtesy of the artist

“Never Stop Creating” is more than just a phrase that influenced merchandise made by Kam DeLa. It’s what keeps the 25 year old Cherry Hill producer/singer happy.

Jam sessions with his family when he was a kid geared him into making music, and the production of his happiness is something that has caught the ears of upcoming artist like Mir Fontane, Ivy Sole, Franky Hill and Nightchild. We recently were able to sit and talk with him about his early beginnings and how his creative vision has taken root in projects such as East, User and Overgrown. Continue reading →


Make Music Philly Spotlight: DEF-Bananas


DEF-Bananas is a Jersey-based hip-hop trio that fashions creative, witty, sometimes playful rhymes over catchy beats in a true collaborative manner.The trio, consisting of Lugo, Kam Dela Coopsta VII, and GQ, produce their own music; they all contribute to the vocals, although Lugo and GQ are the primary rhymers. Kam Dela Coopsta VII is mainly in charge of beat-making, sometimes using a  funky old-school style and at other times a more modern electronic-based background. They dub themselves the “three headed monster.” DEF-Bananas will be performing at the Piazza at Schmidt’s this Friday from 3:30 – 4 p.m, as part of the all-day Make Music Philly Festival. Be sure to catch this talented crew, and in the meantime check out their awesome track “99 Bananas.”