DJ Hvnlee brings heaven on Earth to Philly

DJ Hvnlee | photo by James Johnson Jr. | courtesy of the artist

Earlier this summer, while attending the REVOLT Summit New York, I got a chance to watch media personality Charlamagne Tha God interview District 18 CEO Brooklyn Johnny. During the interview, they said that people will respect an artist’s hustle even if they don’t respect their music…and I agree. Music is subjective, but there’s something about being able to witness hard work and dedication pay off for an artist.

There are many people in the city of a Philadelphia, myself included, who have been fortunate of enough to watch the growth of DJ Hvnlee, who continues to gain the respect and attention from her city. Since her early days spinning at Maxi’s bar on Temple University campus, the North Philly native has made a name for herself on the turntables and her music selection DJ’ing at different venues across the city like The Saint, Dolphin Tavern, the TLA and many more. The genuine love she has received from her city has kept Hvnlee going hard over the past six years.

As she prepares to rock out at another Philly hometown hero Dayne Jordan’s annual No Place Like Home concert, I was able to sit down with her to talk about her journey, the struggles of a woman in the male-dominated DJ industry, and how that caused her to create her own event, Honey. Continue reading →


Get amped for the week with the latest mix from DJ Hvnlee

dj hvnlee
DJ Hyvnlee | via Facebook

At times it seems as if good DJ’s aren’t appreciated enough. Whether you’re at a party, in the car, the gym, or at home listening to the radio, a good DJ always knows how to control the energy of their listeners, knowing what song to play and when to play it. After listening to her brand new mix Morning Nights, it seems as if the City of Brotherly Love’s up and coming DJ Hvnlee knows how to do just that. Continue reading →