Watch Slingshot Dakota’s mystical video for “Casino Night”

Slingshot Dakota | photo by Em Dubin | courtesy of the artist

Carly Comando says she wrote the latest Slingshot Dakota song when she realized there was a crucial gap in breakup music: there were no breakup songs for friends. While the rousing “Casino Night” addresses toxic friendships and how they’re often not worth the effort, the new music video directed by Adam Peditto takes a mystical, magical approach to interpreting its themes. Continue reading →


Blowdryer talks working in bursts, band tattoos and the weird video art of “Intent”

Blowdryer | photo courtesy of the artist

When fuzzed-out indie rockers Bleeding Rainbow broke up in 2015, a ton of people were really bummed out, including myself. We consoled ourselves with the fact that the members were in a whole mess of other cool bands including Telepathic, Pinkwash, and Blowdryer.

While the first two have thankfully been releasing new music on a fairly regular basis, Blowdryer – Sarah Everton from Bleeding Rainbow on guitar, joined by and Robyn Campbell (of Permanent Body) and Dominique Montgomery, who switch between bass and drums – quickly put out an EP, the Deprogrammed tape, but had been silent on the release front since then. But the long wait for new recordings is finally over!

Their brand new self-titled LP, released today, is 10 tracks of incredibly catchy and clever post-punk that is a veritable showcase of the band’s myriad interests. There’s a strong Devo influence going on, some Wipers, Bratmobile and Beat Happening, Tiger Trap, and so much more. But when it comes down to it, anyone can make a record that just apes those bands. What Blowdryer has done is distilled the best parts, their favorite parts, and channeled that into their sound and created something that is very much their own. Did I mention that it’s really fun? It’s really, really fun.

We caught up with the band to talk about the new album, the video they made for “Intent”, and what the future holds.   Continue reading →


Remember Sports transforms personal loss in their new single “Up From Below”

Remember Sports | photo by Carly Hoskins | via

Local indie rockers Remember Sports just announced their new album Slow Buzz, dropping May 18th on Father/Daughter Records. The four-piece formed back in Ohio in 2012, where they just called went by Sports and only saw themselves as a college band with “a meaningless, haphazardly chosen name” and “no expectations of continuing to make music together after graduation.” Their 2015 album All of Something was basically a farewell to that life; now, they’re in Philadelphia and thriving. Continue reading →


Hurry’s “Every Little Thought” is heard crystal clear in fuzz-less, power-pop direction

Hurry | photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

Earlier this month, Hurry’s single “Waiting For You,” tore away the distorted film of 2016’s Guided Meditation to reveal its clean and pure power-pop tune core. Now, Hurry has shared a second single — the namesake of the new record, “Every Little Thought” — which keeps the fuzz away as it both shines and sulks.

With Matt Scottoline’s saccharine vocals, hooky harmonies, and easy surf vibes, “Every Little Thought” drives straight into the sun-soaked sixties era. But with melancholic, heartfelt lyrics ditching commercial fluff, it’s more akin to an authentically vulnerable bandstand group — like if Tom Hanks fictional concoction The Oneders (I’m from Erie, PA, sue me) turned beautifully emo. Continue reading →


Sunflower Bean turns the “Crisis Fest” of 2017 into a charged anthem for their fellow youths

Sunflower Bean | photo by Hollie Fernando | courtesy of artist

It’s been a year to say the least, and Sunflower Bean is quite aware. Though the youthful classic rock trio had planned on taking some time off after their debut full length, Human Ceremony, the then twenty-year-olds found themselves right back in the studio, where they turned their frustrations and observations from 2017’s political climate into a more danceable, productive result. Two and a half years later (hint, hint: each member will be twenty-two) Sunflower Bean is releasing their sophomore record, Twentytwo in Blue, on March 23rd via Mom + Pop. Continue reading →


Just Announced: Kississippi, Field Medic, and Harmony Woods to hit the Cages this February

Kississippi | photo by Megan Thompson | courtesy of the artist

Hold whatever you’re doing, friends, because there is one mighty fine gig coming up that you must know about. Taking place at Everybody Hits on February 15th, this beautiful bill boasts Kississippi, Field Medic, and Harmony Woods. So yes, just go and knock my hat off, why don’tcha. Continue reading →


Home Outgrown announces holiday benefit show with KOJI and more

KOJI | photo by Mitch Wojcik | courtesy of the artist

Home Outgrown Presents has grown into one of Philly’s best new show-booking entities over the last year, and they’ve been announcing great shows left and right — including a super-stacked holiday gig that will benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. 

Home Outgrown’s 2nd Annual Holiday Benefit will feature PA punk singer-songwriter KOJI in the headlining slot, plus appearances from Shortly, No Thank You and Cavity Kids. Happening Dec. 28 at Everybody Hits, it’s the perfect show to keep that holiday spirit going while helping out a good cause. Continue reading →


Philly Gets Alternative brings Oso Oso, Harmony Woods, Weller and more to Everybody Hits for a two-night fest

Harmony Woods | photo by Rachel Del Sordo for WXPN |

A double header at the batting cages might conjure up some sports-related imagery in any other city, but here in Philly, that’s code for two nights of live music. Philly show bookers Home Outgrown Presents have teamed up with New York-based music blog The Alternative to put together a showcase of acts from both regions over two consecutive nights — a mini festival of sorts, Philly Gets Alternative is happening December 2 and 3 at Everybody Hits. Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Petal at Everybody Hits, The Districts at Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center, A.M. Mills at Ortlieb’s, and more

Petal | Photo by: Ellen Miller |
Petal | Photo by Ellen Miller for WXPN |

You may have caught Petal in stunning solo form recently at that fantastic show with Julien Baker and Half Waif, and now the Scranton-based project of Kiley Lotz returns to Philly for another solo performance — this time on a smaller-scale, at Everybody Hits, but the show is sure to be no less beautiful and even more intimate than it was on the big stage. Born Without Bones, Super American and Tombo Crush will also play the Home Outgrown Presents gig. Petal’s latest release is the Comfort EP, which includes a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Silver Springs.” Listen below and find tickets and more information on the XPN Concert Calendar. Continue reading →