Download Nascent Zones, a collection of lost songs from Philly ambient artist Tadoma

For many musicians and artists, editing is a black hole. In the case of Joe Patitucci, the guy behind Philly ambient outfit Tadoma, a collection of songs-in-progress was keeping him from advancing musically. He’d been tweaking and re-tooling these recordings, some of which pre-dated his 2011 debut LP Field Notes by about four years. In an effort to clear the table, Patitucci deleted all of the master audio files from these recording sessions.

The songs weren’t completely lost, though. Last night he released nine of these works-in-progress on his Bandcamp as a new Tadoma LP collection called Nascent Zones. Patitucci doesn’t regard these as finished songs; each is a rough mix that he went on to further refine and change, before hitting a wall and hitting delete.

Listening, you can hear several different approaches and directions this music could have taken. We hear a bright and blooming Four Tet-esque patter on “Rover” and a minimal and melancholic acoustic guitar on”Contact” (owing a definite debt to one of Patitucci’s favorites, Brian Eno). Some songs are under a minute, while “Welcome to Ethno Probe” approaches ten minutes, its decidedly sinister industrial pulse recalling Oneohtrix Point Never.

“While I regret this loss and not being able to perfect the mixes we’re all left with, I’m happy to have these out in the world for all to enjoy, myself included,” Patitucci writes. LIsten to Nascent Zones below, and get a name-your-price download of the collection on Bandcamp.


Free Download of the Moment: Arc In Round’s ::::remixed::::

AIRLocal folks including Ape School, Tadoma and King Britt – as well as outside-Philly names Benoît Pioulard and Lymbyc System – tried their hand at remixing Arc In Round‘s layered and heavy debut LP in the new ::::remixed:::: collection, available today as a free download. The set contains eight reconstructions of songs like “Spirit” (morphed into a driving krautrock rager by Pink Skull) and “II” (made all pulsing and dreamy by A Sunny Day in Glasgow), as well as two unreleased songs – “Even” and “Days Untried.” Give it a listen below, and download it at Bandcamp.


Tonight’s Concert Picks: Bob Mould at Union Transfer, Jeff Ziegler and Tadoma at PhilaMOCA, Dominic Angellela at The Fire

It’s a great show for 90s nostalgics at Union Transfer tonight; Bob Mould, former frontman of Husker Du and Sugar, will perform the latter’s 1992 album Copper Blue in its entirety. Joining him is longtime bassist Jason Narducy, as well as Superchunk drummer John Wurster. The all-ages show begins at 9 p.m., and tickets are available here for $25. Below, watch a video of the band playing “Hoover Dam.”

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Guest VJ Q.D. Tran previews The Deli’s Tuesday Tune-Out series (kicks off at PhilaMOCA tonight)

Photo by David Turcotte |

It’s the start of a new month, which means a new edition of PhilaMOCA‘s music-and-film series, Tuesday Tune-Out. This time, we’ve got a great round of offerings lined up by the folks at The Deli.

When you’re covering a local music scene like we do here at The Key, you get to know the folks who are out there with you every week in the proverbial trenches. Editor Q.D. Tran and his staff at The Deli are good people through and through – friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about the Philly scene and everything that goes along with it, from spoken word to art. I’m happy to call them my buddies (as well as friendly competitors or what have you), and I’m happy to invite Q.D. to our corner of the internet to give an overview of The Deli’s offerings for the month. All events are at PhilaMOCA (531 N. 12th Street), start at 7:30pm and are $5.

From Q.D.:
Hola – so when Eric Bresler, PhilaMOCA’s Creative Director, approached me about a new series that he was working on which integrated live music and film and would have different curators each month, I immediately volunteered to take a month. Combining music and movies is a no-brainer in my book, I grew up loving both as I am sure many of you who are reading this have. Obviously, it was a blast to get to put together the lineup of featured artists for September – so much so that I decided to recruit openers for most of the evenings as well. John Vettese asked me to “Guest VJ,” sharing a few videos and words about my picks. Below is what I came up with last night. I hope that it gets people inspired and pumped up as much as all of us are who are participating in Tuesday Tune-Out this month. Continue reading →


The Key Studio Sessions: Pet Milk

Photos by Madeleine Lesperance

Meeting at the crossroads of introspective indiepop and aggressive punk is Philadelphia’s Pet Milk. You see it in the group’s pedigree – drummer Josh Agran also plays in the mighty Paint it Black, a long standing local hardcore act, while singer-guitarist Herbie Shellenberger is an alumnus of South Philly-based Slumberland Records popsters Brown Recluse. Bassist Adam Herndon straddles both worlds, playing in dreamy local favorites A Sunny Day in Glasgow, as well as the hyper-spastic Faux Slang. Rounding out the group is singer Adriane Dalton – whose voice is warm and melodic but whose demeanor takes no guff – and guitarist Richie Roxas, who plays one six-string from two amps. Maybe one is his twee amp and one is his punk amp. I kid, but Pet Milk’s truly is a sound that doesn’t fit easily into either world – melancholic minor key musings on ex-lovers and the mid-twenties post-adulthood crash, but with a rough-hewn, gnarly edge showing that, for this crew, the fire isn’t out. Download its recent Key Studio Session below – including songs from its its 2011 EP Philadelphia Punklife, as well as a couple unreleased numbers – and catch Pet Milk in concert Saturday June 23 at Johnny Brenda’s when it plays with Arc in Round, Tadoma and Beige.


Tadoma, Gemini Wolf, and Gina Ferrera to perform at Still Life local ambient showcase on Dec. 9th

 The next Still Life—a bimonthly showcase of experimental Philadelphia music—is Friday, December 9, at the First Unitarian Chapel. Still Life is curated by John Vettese who hosts the Philly Local Second Shift on XPN2 (Thursdays, 5 p.m.-midnight) and also records and produces all of our Key Studio Sessions. From John’s tumblr:

On the bill is Tadoma, the musical alter ego of Data Garden Records’ Joe Patitucci, doing minimal, hazy, Music for Airports-esque ambient pieces; Gemini Wolf, the abstract electronic dance project of Michael McDermott and Megan Cauley; and Gina Ferrera, who inventively fuses xylophone, mbira and West African percussion with keyboards, samplers and drum machines.

Admission is $8 at the door; the First Unitarian Chapel is located at 2125 Chestnut Street.