3rd Planet Festival: Remembering Emily Selke

Emily Selke visiting Barcelona | photo courtesy of 3rd Planet Festival
Emily Selke flashes a smile at Park Güell in Barcelona | photo courtesy of 3rd Planet Festival

*Author’s disclaimer: The writer of this article is close friends with one of 3rd Planet Festival’s organizers, but reporting from The Key remains objective, as always.

On the heels of the one year anniversary of 22-year-old Emily Selke’s death, her loved ones are celebrating her joy in a way Emily would have seen fit: through music – a whole day of it. This month’s 3rd Planet Festival at World Cafe Live brings to life the passion Emily so embodied and shared with everyone she met.

The Drexel Music Industry Program grad, whose focus was on festival curation, was aboard Germanwings Flight 9525 with her mother Yvonne Selke and 142 other passengers last March when the aircraft crashed in the French Alps.

“When they had her memorial service finally, it was religious oriented and the minister was saying a whole lot about Yvonne and how she attended church all the time, and was very active in it, but he didn’t mention Emily much at all,” said Ashley Kuhn, a close friend of Emily’s who’s been spearheading efforts for 3rd Planet. “It was healing for people who knew Yvonne, but it didn’t feel fitting for her [Emily’s] life.” Continue reading →


Tonight’s Concert Picks: The Lid at Underground Arts, Tyondai Braxton at Johnny Brenda’s, Wild Orphan at World Cafe Live and more…

BRAT Productions presents their rock opera The Lid at Underground Arts tonight in conjunction with the 2015 Fringe Festival. Lid creator Pat Finnerty (of “Reggae Dog” fame) says: “The songs were written because I love the Beatles. The script was written because I don’t love things like screaming my account number to the automated robot lady, only to then get asked for my account number by a customer representative the second he/she finally picks up. What was underneath the Lid? I don’t know, but there’s a full cast and a 10 piece rock n roll band dedicated to finding out.” More information can be found on the Facebook event page here. Check out a preview below.

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Tonight’s (Non-#KeyFest) Concert Picks: Spirit Family Reunion at Ardmore Music Hall, Milton at Hard Rock Cafe, Wild Orphan at Tin Angel and more

Spirit Family Reunion | Photo by Lauren Slusher
Spirit Family Reunion | Photo by Lauren Slusher

Okay, so #KeyFest night one was a smashing success last night, and it continues tonight with The Lawsuits, Rosu Lup and Dylan Jane. But I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight some of the other amazing live music happenings in the area tonight, beginning with Brooklyn folkies Spirit Family Reunion‘s gig at Ardmore Music Hall. They emerged in 2010 right around the music world’s fascination with folk, but unlike the big names that quickly went pop (you know who I mean), Spirit Family Reunion’s sound always leaned a bit more traditional, and they stuck with it over their ensuing albums – including the new Hands Together. Two years ago, their dance tent set was a Philly Folk Fest highlight; tonight, they bring the show to Ardmore Music Hall. Tickets and information can be found here. Continue reading →