Songs In The Key of Philly Playlist


SongsInTheKeyOfPhilly2What you are listening to here is Songs In The Key Of Philly, a looping channel or “stream” of music. When the stream of music popped up you may have noticed it was in the middle of the song. The reason for this is that the Digital Millenium Copyright Act which regulates internet webcasting specifies various compliance statutes related to streaming music on the internet. One of these is that this stream of music is only available as a looped archive. You will not be able to fast forward or find specific songs; you will however be able to kick back, turn up the volume and enjoy the music as it plays! The list of songs on Songs In The Key Or Philly includes:

“McShred” – McRad
“Hang On” – Illinois
“PSK What Does It Mean? – Schoolly-D
“You” – Ben Arnold
“Hero In Me” – Jeffrey Gaines
“I Ain’t Searchin'” – The American Dream
“Hanging On A Heartbeat” – The Hooters
“Arms Of A Woman” – Amos Lee
“97 Miles” – Go To Blazes
“Taking It Over” – The Interpreters
“Be My Love” – Mario Lanza
“Love Train” – The O’Jays
“Your Love Is Good” – Bunny Sigler
“The Twist” – Chubby Checker
“Sharon” by David Bromberg
“Mashed Potato Time” – Dee Dee Sharp
“Venus” – Frankie Avalon
“At the Top of the Stairs” – The Formations
“Cowboys To Girls” – The Intruders
“Betcha By Golly, Wow” – The Stylistics
“Ship Of The Future” – Edison Electric Band
“Boogaloo Down Broadway” – The Fantastic Johnny C
“Wildwood Days” – Bobby Rydell
“Bristol Stomp” – The Dovells
“South Street” – The Orlons
“The Cat” – Jimmy Smith
“Day To End All Days” – The Wishniaks
“Over And Over Again (Lost And Found)” – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
“The Love I Lost” – Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes
“My Part of Town” – Tuff Crew
“Punk Rock Girl” – The Dead Milkmen
“Sally Sayin’ Somethin'” – Billy Harner
“Hallelujah, She’s Gone” – The Low Road
“Proceed” – The Roots
“They Can’t Touch Us” – Nixon’s Head
“It’s Forever” – The Ebonys
“City Of Brotherly Love” – Birdie Busch
“Madison Blues” – George Thorogood & The Destroyers
“The Girl From Ipanema” – Stan Getz & João Gilberto
“Summertime” – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
“I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl)” – Instant Funk
“Before I Let Go” – Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly
“Melt” – Phil Roy
“The Cosmos” – Sun Ra
“Bought Your Ghost” – The Bigger Lovers
“Want on Nothing” – Hoots & Hellmouth Hoots & Hellmouth
“The Break Up” – The Trouble with Sweeney
“I Love Rock N’ Roll” – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
“Hey, Western Union Man” – Jerry Butler
“Impressions” – Pat Martino
“Mystery Party” – The Stick Men
“Let’s Get Lost On a Country Road” – The Kit Kats
“Enjoy Yourself” – The Jackson 5 (produced by Gamble & Huff)
“Amazon & Coyotes” – Dream Lovers
“Mixed-Up Shook-Up Girl” – Patti & The Emblems
“Discophonic Walk” – Jerry Blavat
“Pretty Little Rebel” – John Eddie
“Juicy Fruit” – Mtume
“A Woman’s Got The Power” – The A’s
“Paper Planes” – M.I.A. (produced by Diplo)
“Christian St.” – Marah
“Suzy Said So” – Kenn Kweder
“1-2-3” – Len Barry
“Acknowledgement” – John Coltrane
“For The Love Of Money” – The O’Jays
“Pretty Boys & Pretty Girls” – Book Of Love
“Get The Party Started” – Pink
“Next Number” – Mandrake Memorial
“I Dig Your Wig” – Ben Vaughn
“Punk Jazz” – Weather Report (Jaco Pastorious on bass)
“Running Away From You” – Mutlu
“My Buzz Comes Back” – Slo-Mo and Mic Wrecka
“Who Will Comfort Me” – Melody Gardot
“Open My Eyes” – The Nazz
“Escalator Of Life” – Robert Hazard
“Lady Marmalade” – Labelle
“I’ll Be Around” – The Spinners
“Greatest Man Alive” – Three Times Dope
“Slow Burning Crimes” – East Hundred
“Streets Of Philadelphia” – Bruce Springsteen
“The Horse” – Cliff Nobles & Co.
“Me And Mrs. Jones” – Billy Paul
“When Will I See You Again” – The Three Degrees
“TSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)” – MFSB Featuring The Three Degrees
“Do It Any Way You Wanna” – People’s Choice
“Little Room” – Bunnydrums
“Thunder In The Morning” – Essra Mohawk
“Get Down” – The Delta 72
“Down Easy” – Electric Love Muffin
“Passion Dance” – McCoy Tyner
“Hate On Me” – Jill Scott
“The First Step” – Flight Of Mavis
“Break My Heart” – Buzz Zeemer
“Shine” – Jim Boggia
“L.E.S Artistes” – Santogold
“School Days” – Stanley Clarke
“Aja” – Christian McBride
“Always On My Mind” – Reading Rainbow
“Shadow People” – Dr. Dog
“The Sidewinder” – Lee Morgan
“Delaze” – Dave P and Adam Sparkles
“Hello It’s Me” – Todd Rundgren
“Misty” – Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes
“Deep Down Soul” – Shirley Scott
“Soul Station” – Hank Mobley
“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” – McFadden & Whitehead
“Right On the Tip of My Tongue” – Brenda & The Tabulations
“Bang Pop” – Free Energy
“I Don’t Love You Anymore” – Teddy Pendergrass
“Disco Inferno” – The Trammps
“Typical American” – The Goats
“Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing” – Marvin Gaye
“Got To Get You Off My Mind” – Solomon Burke
“Teardrops” – Lee Andrews
“Wake Up” – John Legend w/ The Roots
“I Walked” – Wanderlust
“We Are Family” – Sister Sledge
“James” – Huffamoose
“When the Funk Hits the Fan” – King Britt & SYLK 130
“World Is Spinning” – The Disco Biscuits
“1-76” – G Love & Special Sauce
“Yes, I’m Ready” – Barbara Mason
“Catch Me (I’m Falling)” – Pretty Poison
“Young Americans” – David Bowie
“Bump” 5:21 – Spank Rock
“Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie” – Jay & The Techniques
“Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)” – Cinderella
“Loves Me Like A Rock” – The Dixie Hummingbirds
“Motownphilly” – Boyz II Men
“La La Means I Love You” – The Delfonics
“Sideshow” – Blue Magic



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33 Responses to “Songs In The Key of Philly Playlist”

  1. Vince

    More Wishniaks! Where’s Trudy Pitts? Sweet Stavin Chain?


    AWESOME list!! But… Trouble with Sweeney, but no Rolling Hayseeds? Tsk, tsk…

  3. Dave

    How bout some Hall and Oates?

  4. Vanessa

    You’re programming is weak. Your DJs are old farts (finally a playlist that they can handle). The Key is lame. The only new bands that you discover are stolen from other sites who discovered them months ago. Haha…more Helen Leicht Picks and Bruce Warren trying to sound 30 years younger than he actual is PLEASE. That would be “rad”.

  5. Prhoads

    Happy to see Go to Blazes on the list. Where are The Daves (so popular in the 1980s)?

  6. Thebigtimerockshow

    Deadspot? Serial Killers? RUIN?…No ? Too loud?…Oh wait, its XPN…Nevermind.

  7. Adams

    The Bensons. Joe Miralles.

  8. Nuttyprofessor

    Gotta agree with the poster who questioned the lack of Hall and Oates. They kinda put Philly on the pop music map in the 80s for better or worse.

  9. N70

    List lacks Hall and Oates, Deirdre Flint…

  10. Diane

    Since all genres included what about “Father” John D’Amico. Especially from the Live at the Painted Bride album.

  11. zeke

    Hall and Oates were David Dye’s guests from 3-4pm…interviews, stories, songs. They were featured pretty damn well I’d say

  12. Bruce Warren

    Hi Vanessa – Do you know me?

  13. Neil

    Interesting list, you have Birdie Busch listed singing a Soul Survivors tune but “Expressway to Your Heart” is not listed. Also, during her time Patsy Foster was as good as The Low Road, Huffamoose or Buzz Zeemer…I’m just sayin…

  14. Ryan

    It’s so cool that the haters clearly still listen, and in this case, even read the Key. Hypocritical much? Just admit your problem’s jealousy…you’re jealous of Bruce’s hair.

  15. Born last Century

    I guess some of us listeners are old farts as well. I never understood what was wrong with old music. I’ve been listening music from before my time as long as I can remember, and a lot of it is better than the newer music it inspired. I don’t think I remember any lyrics written after 1950, except The Beatles.

  16. Gfl2146

    I don’t see Huffamoose listed, which is surprising as WXPN promoted their music and included it in one of the station’s albums. Also excluded is Musica Orbis, a group of Swarthmore students who performed in the area in the late 70’s. Their album (1977) was For the Listeners. At least you didn’t leave out Essra Mohawk and The Nazz.

  17. rocknclassics

    I agree about Hall and Oates and probably about the other omissions mentioned here. However what you can do is go to YouTube and see/hear some of the omissions. I found that some, like Woody’s Truck Stop, are just as well, sorry to say.

  18. rocknclassics

    ‘ 2146, Huffamoose is on the list toward the bottom(“James”). Easy to get bleary-eyed looking at a long list.

    Even with a list as long as this one, there’s not enough room to put everyone on, let along more than one song from each of the artists. Missing Public Service’s “Bad Night in Philly,” E.L.M’s “Muffin March,” and any Original Sins. I thought “Four Corners” or “She Should Know Better” were the better choices for Nixon’s Head. Thank goodness I still have the lp and digitized it, along with the Hooters’ live “All You Zombies.” Hoping for a volume 3 after the current volume 2.

  19. Aaron Brown

    where’s Nina Simone? Porgy & Bess broke here and she used to live in West Philly..

  20. ECP

    No Tommy Conwell??

  21. Jonnyd7606

    No Johnny’s Dance Band?

  22. Paul Mick

    Even great lists like greatness itself, in-humility can always be improved on. Q. Who has the same Intellectual Property Lawyer (Mr. James Elam) that’s noted as having lent more than a hand to the contractural needs of John Legend, Floetry, Kindred The Family Soul, Jill Scott, Jaguar Wright among others? “Suburban Philly’s own Intellectual, Metaphysical Alt Hippity-Hop lyricism – w/ Swag…yeah, that’s why the Glenside PA former NYC male model, Due Truth is posied to be signed to a substantial UMG dealio before the bells of 2012 are rocked. You heard it here first. ” – Paul Mick

    Due Truth @ The Rusty Nail, Ardmore, PA this Saturday, 12.18.2010, All ages, doors open @ 6:30PM – Free 5 song Due Truth “Re-Evolution” sampler (Philly Scene Records, Inc) w/ admission!

  23. Gary Morlock

    Laura Nyro’s ’71 album w/ La Belle, Gonna Take a Miracle, produced by Gamble & Huff @ Sigma Sound, might be the best Philly album ever, but didn’t make the list.

  24. Richard Birch

    Where’s DECONTROL?
    How about CARNIVAL OF SHAME?

  25. Jcoyne

    How can we have Songs in the Key of Philly without Daryl Hall & John Oates, who have done more to publicize Philly music than almost anyone else??

  26. dOda

    Hi Bruce – Do I know you?

    Great list by the way, will pass along …

  27. Johnny Socko

    Definately could be a longer list but great nonetheless. Been listening for about an hour and am really enjoying these tunes and the memories that come along with some of them. The Goats track ‘Typical American’ is great tune. I’d like to see the list expanded to include
    Leo – “I’d have nothing” – great tune
    Tommy Conwell & the young rumblers
    Mikey Wild
    Suburban Hoods
    John Eddie
    …and on and on and on
    It’s awesome to be from Philly

  28. Buzzkill Bertha

    John Eddie did make the list but I like the other mentions and would also add Beru Revue

  29. rocknclassics

    Tommy Conwell? Not sure, especially with the snarling “I’m Not Your Man” followed with the musical question, “Do You Still Believe in Me(“cause baby, I believe in you!” –“What-ever!”)?” Not on the radio anymore, at least not much. And his yelling, “You dirty dogs!” every five minutes in his live act. Good thing he found something else to do.

  30. rknclssics

    Hey, I’m not sure the Magnificent Men(“Peace of Mind”, in particular) are on this list. Where the Righteous Brothers often portrayed guys on the end of their rope, the Mag Men were often about keeping on pushin’, for lack of a better way of putting it.

  31. Giveuup

    Where is one of the best …Sharon Little!!!!

  32. Flint337

    marvin gaye was from philly?

  33. DJCaterina

    Tommy Conwell is in here with Buzz Zeemer. But TC and the Young Rumblers should definitely be here. At least something from the “Walkin’ on the Water” EP.

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