What’s your favorite musical side of Richard Thompson? The electric one or the acoustic one?


There are two musical sides to singer-songwriter and guitarist extraordinaire Richard Thompson: the electric side and the acoustic side. Regardless of which side you’re a fan of, as far as we’re concerned he always rocks. Thompson is currently on a solo tour and he performs tomorrow night at the Keswick Theatre at 7:30 p.m. More information here. Below, some videos of both the electric and acoustic sides of Richard Thompson.

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  • Kpatukas

    Richard’s acoustic side, of course

  • Rvanart157

    thats the hardest question i have ever been asked. I have all his music,seen him play since 1998, i don’t know,i just don’t know

  • Donna Greenberg

    Just back from seeing RT at the Keswick.  Breathtaking, as usual…..I went to YouTube after to listen to his version and Bonnie Raitt’s of “Dimming of the Day.”  Then I looked up Bonnie’s old song, “Blender Blues,” recorded at the Rainbow Room in Philly in 1972.  Does anyone know where that venue was?  I’m stumped.  I don’t think she ever recorded the song; I know she sang it on a Philly radio station back then – WMMR???  Thanks.