Stream the new Luscious Jackson album Magic Hour (XPN Welcomes to Union Transfer on November 23rd)


Photo by Doug Seymour
Photo by Doug Seymour
Luscious Jackson are back in action and rocking the beats! They are releasing their first new album in 14 years, Magic Hour, on November 5th. Listen to the full album here.

Ann Powers, writing about the album for NPR Music says:

The best dance music is the kind that reminds you to move through life with your body rocking. It’s one thing, a necessary thing, to get on the dance floor; but it’s also supremely beneficial to carry that funky sway onto the streets and into daily routine. Luscious Jackson, the Manhattan-born, now bicoastal band of rhythm gluttons whose hits (remember “Naked Eye”?) were among the most pleasurable alternative rock produced in the ’90s, demonstrates exactly how to do that. On Magic Hour, its first album in fourteen years, the group gives instructions in fun, love, loyalty and self-appreciation with ten songs that go down as easy as drummer Kate Schellenbach’s backbeats.

Listen to Magic Hour here.

WXPN Welcomes Luscious Jackson to Union Transfer on Saturday, November 23rd. Tickets and more information here.




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